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Fifty Years Behind a Camera
The Photography of Burt Glinn

From Castro to the Kennedy's, and from the capturing High tea time in England to the desert city of Jerusalem, Mr. Glinn has spent the past half-century traveling and world and capturing on film the grand social scene and great political events. The pictures reveal Mr. Glinn's huge range and impeccable eye.
Burt Glinn first made his mark in the photography world with a series of spectacular photo essays on the South Seas, Japan, Russia, Mexico and California, each of which was published (in collaboration with writer Laurens van der Post) as an entire single issue of 'Holiday' magazine (a first for that magazine).An outgrowth of this effort was the publication of his two books, A Portrait of All the Russias and A Portrait of Japan. Mr. Glinn's reportage includes stories on such events as the Sinai War, the US Marine invasion of Lebanon, the Cuban Revolution, and the integration of the public school system in Little Rock, Arkansas, as well as personality profiles on such individuals the late Senator Robert Kennedy.

Mr. Glinn has been President of the American Society of Media Photographers and has served as both President and Chairman of the Board for the prestigious photojournalist agency Magnum. He is a recipient of Matthew Brady Award, and numerous other awards for both his journalistic and commercial photography, including the Best Book of the Photographic Reporting from Abroad from the Overseas Press Club and the Best Print Ad of the Year from the Art Director's Club of New York. Mr. Glinn is still very much involved with Magnum. As a raconteur in the truest sense of the word and a veritable historian on the agency, he is active on the lecture circuit, entertaining audiences with tales of the agency and informing them on the world of photojournalism at large.

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